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Gold Star Death: Chapter 2.

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Apr. 15th, 2011 | 09:47 am

I dedicate this to Jennifer. This chapter is told from Quinn's POV. Read and enjoy. :)

The ambulance finally got there, but they wouldn't let me ride in the ambulance with Rachel. I was pretty upset about that because I wanted to be by Rachel's side through this, though I wasn't even sure if she wanted me around. I walked home since it wasn't that far from Rachel's and I told my mom about what happened. She was shocked by all of this. I mean, it was Rachel Berry who had done this to herself. No one would have ever thought that she would do something like this. She always seemed so happy all the time, but then she does this and I don't know what to believe anymore. All I could do was pray that Rachel would live. She needed to.. she had to.

The next morning I woke up around 11am. Thank God it was Friday. My mom was awake and she had made breakfast, but I wasn't really hungry for anything. "Mom, can you take me to the hospital? I..I want to go see Rachel." She nodded. "I'll be out in the car. Hurry up." I ran into my bedroom and changed my clothes quickly then fixed my hair and make up. I was surprised my mom agreed to take me, but I didn't care about that right now. All I cared about was Rachel. I didn't know for sure if she was okay or not, but I was hoping that she was. I grabbed my purse and ran outside and got in the car.

Me and my mom both got to the hospital, but she said she didn't really want to go in. I was fine with that. I got out of the car and ran inside. "I'm here to see Rachel Berry. Can I have her room number?" I watched as the woman behind the desk scrolled through whatever it was she was looking at. "Room 291." "Thank you." I looked at all the numbers on the doors and sighed. "288.. 289.. 290.. 291.." I was still scared to go in and see Rachel. We weren't even really friends.. were we? I've been quite mean to her in the past, which I regret. Maybe it was because I realized I had feelings for her, and I've never had feelings for a girl before so I didn't know how to handle it. I let out another sigh and knocked on the door. "Rachel?" I opened the door slowly and walked into the room then closed the door. She wasn't awake. They had bandages on her arm from where she cut herself, which made me want to cry just thinking that she did that to herself. I sat down on the chair that was next to her bed and looked at her. "Rach.. I know I haven't been too nice to you before, but I really never meant any of it. I..I was only like that because I realized something. I realized that I had feelings for--" I stopped what I was saying when Rachel started to open her eyes. "Oh my God, Rachel? Can you see me? Can you hear me?" She nodded and I smiled big.

"Q..Quinn.. what were y..you saying earlier?" I looked away and sighed. I didn't think she had heard any of that, but she did. Should I just tell her and get it over with? What if she rejects me? Then she'll start to hate me.. and I didn't want that. But I didn't want to lie to her either. "It was nothing.." "Don't lie to me.. please." We looked at each other, and there was a look on Rachel's face and something in her eyes, that made me want to just admit it.. just go ahead and tell her. I don't know why this was so hard for me. It had never been this hard before, but with Rachel it was different. I took a deep breath and then finally told her. "I..I have feelings for.. you.." The expression on her face immediately changed. Damnit.. she doesn't feel the same way about me. Why didn't I keep my mouth shut?

We sat in silence for about five minutes until she finally talked. "You have feelings.. for me?" I nodded and looked down, not even saying a word. "Quinn.. I--" "No, don't say it. You don't feel the same about me. It's okay. I'll just go." I stood up and walked towards the door. "Don't go, Quinn. I never even said that." "You didn't have to though." "Quinn.. I like you. I've liked you ever since I met you. Even after how bad you treated me, I forgave you. The feelings never went away." I turned back around and walked back over to the bed. "Why'd you do this to yourself?" She didn't say a word. "Was it because of something someone said to you? Was it because Finn broke your heart? What was it, Rachel?" "It was the way everyone was treating me. It hurt me." "I didn't kn--" "I hid how I felt. Couldn't let anyone think that I was even a little upset about it." "I'm so sorry, Rachel.. I should've done something. I should have helped you.. or stood up for you. I'm sorry." I sat back down next to Rachel and grabbed her hand gently. "I won't let any of that stuff happen to you again, okay?" She didn't say anything, she just smiled at me. I didn't know if she believed me about any of the things I said, but I really did mean them. And once she was out of this hospital, I was going to do everything I could to try and prove to her that I'm going to be here for her whenever she needs me. I honestly loved her and I didn't care about what anyone thought about that anymore.

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from: silentbeautyxox
date: Apr. 15th, 2011 07:12 pm (UTC)

Beautiful! Well written, I loved it.

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Little Miss Allie

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from: purple_fraggle
date: Apr. 16th, 2011 02:29 am (UTC)

This is really good! I like it! :)

And thanks for the add :)

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